Who are we?

Esencia Comunicación is formed by a Group of Professionals in communication management with an experience of 20 years and more than 200 clients. This fact hasn’t made us change our original opinion: to have the best sources and technology at our disposal to get adapted, in the most efficient way, to what our clients expect because without them we are nothing.

The keys for Esencia Comunicación success are based on the stability and the professional quality of our work teams, the constant incentive to innovation, the implementation of our ideas and the investment on effective services. A path that has situated our firm as one of the references regarding to efficiency and quality in services in the market.

ESENCIA COMUNICACIÓN is composed by several integrated, interdisciplinary work teams, each one with a clear idea: nor every client, nor every consumer are the same.

We count on:

  • Experts on Communications, Institutional Relations and Governmental Authorities.
  • Teams specialized on Mass Media and Mass Media leaders relations.
  • Teams specialized on Graphic Design that have a strategic approach in creating our firm’s graphic, corporative identity, publishing design, industrial design…
  • Solutions on strategies and communication in several areas: finances, banks, sanitation, culture… including marketing, consultancy, communication with the professionals of each brand, communication with consumers…
  • Strategic teams and creative specialists in promotions, capitalizations, viral marketing and all kinds of online events (Internet).
  • A service of specialised promotion and production in the cultural sector through press, radio, television, webs, social networks, advertising campaigns, marketing and image, events and national and international tours.